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Woman Saved From Rape Because The Rapist Has A Premature Ejaculation Issue

Updated Wednesday 2 September 2020 23:26
Woman Saved From Rape Because The Rapist Has A Premature Ejaculation Issue
An unnamed woman was saved from getting raped by a man in Gwanda, Zimbabwe after the man suffered premature ejaculation while attempting to assault the woman.

The suspected rapist who appeared before a Gwanda magistrate, insisted on explaining and justifying why he had attempted to rape his neighbour. He alleged that he carried out the rape as revenge because his neighbours were bewitching him.

According to the suspect, his neighbours use charms to make him sleep with the complainant at night to enrich themselves.

He said;

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“Your Worship I would like to explain my situation. The complainant’s family uses goblins to make me sleep with the complainant at night in order to gain riches.

“This has been happening for a while now. I, therefore, wanted to have my revenge and that’s why I did what I did.”

However testifying in court, the prosecution said the man nearly raped the woman but couldn’t due to premature ejaculation. After the failed rape attempt on August 21, the accused person reportedly warned the woman not to divulge what had occurred.

The Chronicle reported that the victim disregarded the warning and reported him to the police. The prosecution said;

“On 21 August at around 9 AM the complainant was on her way to Sibangani Village in the company of her younger sister when the accused followed them without them noticing. He approached the complainant from behind and grabbed her arms. The complainant’s younger sister ran away and left them behind.

“The accused person dragged the complainant into a bush where he forcibly removed her clothes. The complainant screamed for help but no one heard her as they were far from homesteads. The accused person went on to handle the complainant. He then ejaculated before raping the complainant.”

Magistrate Nyathi remanded him in custody till September 8.

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