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David Luiz Injures Ceballos In a Fight During Training

Updated Friday 20 November 2020 19:26
David Luiz Injures Ceballos In a Fight During Training
David Luiz reportedly left Arsenal team-mate Dani Ceballos with a bloodied nose after a training ground bust-up that saw the pair sent home by manager Mikel Arteta.

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While the majority of the Gunners' first-team represented their nations during the recent international break, Luiz and Ceballos were not part of the Brazil and Spain squads.

Instead, the pair remained in north London where they have continued to train in preparation for this weekend's Premier League clash with Leeds.

But, according to The Athletic, things got a little bit heated between the pair during training last Friday - though Ceballos has taken to Twitter to deny any incident took place.

It is claimed that after Arteta brought a halt to the session, Luiz confronted his team-mate after taking exception to a challenge.

The Brazilian defender is understood to have caught the Spaniard in the face, with Ceballos falling to the floor and left with a scratch which drew blood.

Team-mates and staff then stepped in to diffuse the scuffle before things got out of control, and the pair were sent home before returning to training on Tuesday.

Training is believed to have resumed without incident and the Gunners can now focus on their return to Premier League action.

Ceballos was quick to deny the incident took place and referred to the claim on Twitter as "FAKE".

Meanwhile, Arteta says he is hurt by Mesut Ozil's situation at the Premier League club but is resigned to facing questions about the German midfielder after every defeat.

Ozil, 32, who is under contract with Arsenal until June 2021 and earns £350,000 a week, has not played for Arteta's side this season after being left out of the 25-man Premier League squad.

The playmaker, who last played for Arsenal in March, was also left out of their Europa League squad, leaving him only eligible for Under-23 games.

"I'm hurt because I don't like any player in my squad not to have the possibility to participate, or to compete, for me it is really sad because I don't think anybody deserves that," Arteta said in an interview with beIN SPORTS.

"But at the end of the day I'm sitting here to make decisions, to make the decisions that, in my opinion, are the best for the football club. And this is what I have to do," the Spaniard added.

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