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EC - Eternity Blessing

Updated Saturday 26 June 2021 10:21
EC - Eternity Blessing
Upcoming artist E C The Son Of Thunder ( SØT) is back again after a long time release of ON TOP, he is dash out this new gospel song to all his fans which is talking about Eternity blessing and he is telling all his fans to wait for God's time , because God time is the best enjoy the song guys.

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verse one
onye chukwu goziri nwanne na o gozigo ya 

onye ekwensu buniru na oka ga ebuda ya

I'm thanking LORD  for lifting me higher

I need enternity blessing ooh, blessing ooh, blessing ooh

Do you need enternity 
blessing ooh blessing ooh, blessing ooh ?
(ehhhh, ehhhh, ehhhh )

I need enternity blessing ooh, blessing ooh, blessing ooh 
(ahhh , ahhh ahhh ahhhh ahhh)

Do u need enternity blessing ooh, blessing ooh, blessing ooh 
( enternity )

I need enternity blessing ooh , blessing ooh, blessing ooh
( blessing)

verse two
 onye chukwu goziri ya nyere ibe ya aka

  oburo Ike nke aka m ka m jiri buru ihe m bu

the life am living today no be by my power 

If God bless me,I will bless another brother 
(ahhh ahhh ahhhh ahhh ahhh)

blessing x2
pray for thy blessing
you need thy blessing



enternity blessing

enternity blessing 

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