Photos: My weightloss story - Ifedolapo Towobola

Updated Tuesday 7 October 2014 20:16
Photos: My weightloss story - Ifedolapo Towobola
It all started on my way to Dubai where I was weighing 142kg. I will normally get an extra seat belt aboard the flight which for me is normal. Upon arrival at Doha airport, I had a small heart attack which sent me to the emergency unit of the airport. After all the check-ups that I got, all that the doctor could tell me is that i need to loose 50kg of your body weight, if not, i might be at a very high health risk. Even though I have been battling my body fat since 1999 with no result, the expression on the doctor face tells me that I don’t have any other option than to shed the weight.

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I tried all sorts of workout in gym, but all in vain.

So for 6 months in 2009, I did a lot of workout in the gym and all I lost was 12kg but still not satisfied because I was still an obese. I should not weigh above 80kg according to my BMI. After all I did and my effort without the desired outcome, I became very sad. I have spent most of my life savings on trying to lose weight. All I can do at that time was to give up,what next, I went back to my usual eating habit.


At some point I decided to try again, I consumed maple syrup diet for 2weeks and I lost 7 kg but gained it back in less than 4 days. Then I realized that with the maple syrup diet you only lose water not fat.


After all these efforts, my sister introduced me to a syrup called Mexican syrup which is a composition unprocessed Asian palm syrups, unprocessed agave mexican syrup and also unprocessed hibiscus syrup (unlike regular processed syrups with zero nutritional value. This is harvested from the tree without harming the tree). No preservatives and no chemical processes. It’s a fresh organic drink.


The Mexican syrup is not a branded product, it is very healthy and it’s the fastest way of losing weight (at least I have seen so far). When I tried it for the first 2 weeks I lost 15kg then I did another 2 weeks for which I lost an  additional 12kg. By the time I finished on the 8th week, I had already lost 42kg. In total of 3months I lost 63kg which was amazing and unbelievable for me. Now, I feel so happy because I achieved my goal in just 3months, yes 3months. It wasn’t easy but I needed to be healthy and fit.


The amazing part of it is that the Mexican syrup which I named FABSLIMTOX is a cocktail juice just like every other regular Chapman and cocktail drink. A lot of people were against my drinking it because they felt the weight I lost was just too drastic and it could affect my health but all I could say after the weight loss is that I have gone through a comprehensive medical check-up which proved that I’m better and healthier than before.


Come to think of it, a lot of people have forgotten that doctors who kicked against people Losing weight drastically would perform a surgery on u, and take off 20 to 30kg of fat from you at once. It was then I told myself that why go for surgery when I can just achieve the weight loss with just a COCKTAIL REGIMEN. Some doctors have tried my regimen and they are still in shock of the amazing result. Another surprising part of it is the side effects on women which I experienced, it’s high libido, high ovulation and heavy period. For this, I have advised people who have tried it with me that if you are not ready to get pregnant, you should protect yourself. Most of all the women who tried this regimen have lost weight or gotten pregnant( At least 92 women are pregnant and 28 are delivered of a baby successfully). I'm also expecting a baby soon too.


So far so good this is my second year after the weight loss and I can tell the whole world that I am fit. I even participated at the 10km we run Lagos race in 2013. What more can I say, I am very grateful to God and the people who encouraged me.


Anybody can feel free to contact me on bbm pin 763206D0 or whatsapp number 09093213982.

This is my story!

Ifedolapo Towobola

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