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Funny Pictures and MEME you can count on to make you laugh

Updated Friday 9 February 2024 1:20
Funny Pictures and MEME you can count on to make you laugh
We list these Funny Pictures and MEME you can count on to make you laugh. Some of them could be a Nigerian thing so you might need explanation. And Trust DoroBoss, we have explained them for you.

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Guardian Newspaper used Jonathan (the Nigerian President in place of January)

Not only do Nigerians count money at the ATM to make sure the China products are not malfunctioning, they cover the whole keyboard to stop you from seeing their PIN.

My little bro sleeps worse than this guy.

Real Niggas at the GYM

Edo girls are known to use charms on men in Nigeria. And if you fall into their trap, this is how you would serve and worship them.

This picture is from the National assembly chaos when police prevented some lawmakers from entering the complex, they had to crossover the fence. And the man makes it to 2015.

Lol, I have a space for you too, come join me sleep.

Davido singing a song with emotion, reminds me of how we sang it in school days, especially if Principal was looking at us

Remember what I told you about Edo girls.

Church is one of the most paying business in Nigeria, and when you bring big offering, the pastors wife would smile like you are blessed already son.

Free mind, nothing to worry about.

My mum looks at her phone like this too.

Of course everyone is a virgin.

Pastors can force you down if the spirit can't bring you down, just to prove the spirit is with them, but men, the force is with them.

This guy doesn't know how much he has in his account, and the bank makes it worst. He wants to stop banking and requests to withdraw everything.

Apart from ebola, this is another reason to avoid handshakes.

The guy plots a graph in the air to rate that ass behind... notice the slope, perfect

And they come for Jay Z, that Drake is a cheat and fathered Blue Ivy, Beyonce will laugh about this. 

This era of youtube making the cash, or even the media, no more guns

In suit and on suit means different things here

Yeah, really, Nigerians are one of the most religious. Those people are praying on New Year's Eve

Wow, your crush sees you as a brother

Nigerian temple run version. Masquerade chase

Exs don't have to be at war

Oh, and a quote from the bible, Honda Accord

And Youth Corp is a compulsory one year service for Nigerian graduates. They are paid monthly allowance nicknames Allowee. This guy didn't get an alert for his own allawee

Lol, after being stabbed to death is overrated here.

Look at that hot lady, you believe it was his brother?

This Doctor is clueless. Did your mom have any children? Did I come from stone?

PSquare/Usher stly will hel you walk away






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