Woman arrested for sharing pictures of a neighbour's dog wearing a diaper

Updated Tuesday 1 October 2019 14:20
Woman arrested for sharing pictures of a neighbour's dog wearing a diaper
A woman in Texas  was arrested and jailed for abusing a neighbour's dog. And what's the abuse? She tried to help her neighbor's dog that appeared to be left on a balcony with its mouth tied shut. Amber Cammack called a number of government agencies, including the Harris County Sheriff's Office to report what appeared to be animal abuse of a dog her neighbor was keeping on a balcony.

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When no one responded, Cammack shared images on Facebook showing her neighbor's dog wearing a diaper with something tied around its mouth while being left on a small balcony at a Houston condo complex.
Cammack said the dog was left on the balcony round the clock, even during rain storms.

And that was her crime. Sharing the photo online. She received 14 hours in jail

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