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Corruption Is A Sin Against God and Humanity, Says Imam

Updated Friday 19 May 2017 13:53
Corruption Is A Sin Against God and Humanity, Says Imam

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The Chief Imam, Nupe Road Central Mosque, Kaduna, Malam Muhammad Nafi’u, on Friday described corruption as a major sin against Allah and humanity.

“Corruption is not only looting money, it has many faces which bring about injustice in whatever one does.

“Corruption is a serious sin that Allah forbids, because it affects everyone negatively,” the Imam said in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria [NAN] in Kaduna.

Nafi’u warned against supporting corruption and those engaged in corrupt practices, saying those doing so risk the wrath of Allah.

“It should be condemned in its totality, because corruption only brings setback to society.

” If a country is corrupt, there will hardly be any meaningful development, rather what follows is only crisis because of the high level of deprivation people are subjected to,” he said.

The Imam stressed that it was the responsibility of leaders and followers to shun corruption and promote the wellbeing of all.

“The efforts of President Muhammadu Buhari in the fight against corruption should be supported by every Nigerian.

“Nigerians should be grateful for having a president that is committed to fighting it and the fight is yielding positive results,” he noted.

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