Chidinma (Kedi) was born blind

Updated Friday 19 October 2018 13:20
Chidinma (Kedi) was born blind
Chidinma (Kedi) was born blind, but began to see after some days, after her mother prayed tirelessly. She revealed this and other things in a recent interview and even dedicated a track titled 'Martha'  to her mother: Martha Ekile

She said:

”I was conceived and certified totally Blind at birth. For fifteen nights this woman held me in her hands and wept uncontrollably, with my father calling on God to bless newly born Chidinma with sight. On the 16th day I opened my eyes, and they've been open ever since. I was born a very fragile baby with some health conditions. Her prayers took it all away.

Today I dedicate my entire life selflessly and earnings to catering to visually impaired/blind people. Life is such a wonderful and colorful piece of art and it must feel like hell not to envision Gods creation. The MMA Charity Foundation is my little giveback the world.


“The song Martha is dedicated to my mother Mrs Martha Ekile. I decided To show my fans a different side to Chidinma, a side never revealed to so many, a side I will forever remain grateful and indebted to Father Lord for His miraculous interventions and guidance in my life.”

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