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Viral picture of mum breastfeeding baby from the closet

Updated Thursday 22 March 2018 17:20
Viral picture of mum breastfeeding baby from the closet
This viral picture of mum breastfeeding baby from the closet (toilet precisely) has two sides to it.

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First, no mum would like to breastfeed a baby for 24 hours or wherever she is. But mum's can go out of their way to breastfeed babies in public transport, churches and offices just to satisfy the baby. Maybe this baby was so hungry that the mum had to accommodate her while in the closet, and that would be very lovely.

The other side of the picture could be the bane, where a mum is too insensitive that she needs more publicity or wants to break the internet that she did not only feed her baby from the toilet but called a third party to take pictures of her.

You decide which to believe


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Article Posted 7 Months ago

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