42-year-old tailor denies raping JSS1 student - Says "We Are Dating"

Updated Thursday 30 March 2017 13:39
42-year-old tailor denies raping JSS1 student - Says "We Are Dating"
Operatives of the Lagos State Police Command have arrested a 42-year-old tailor, Lucky Emmanuel for allegedly raping and impregnating a Junior Secondary School, JSS, 1 student.

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The tailor who hails from Imo State, maintained that he wanted to marry her, adding that he had given the girl’s family N84,000.

According to Emmanuel, “I didn’t rape her. She was actually living with me with the permission of her parents. We started dating eight months ago and I have started the traditional rites.

“I have done her introduction. I actually gave her parents N20,000 for the introduction and an additional N64,000. I want to get married to her. I only slept with her twice before she got pregnant in October. I made sure she registered for ante-natal care.

“It was her school authority that contacted the police, who arrested me because they felt she was too young to be married. They only labelled it rape to make it look like a crime.

“They also reduced her age, claiming she is 13, whereas she is 15. Her parents consented to the whole arrangement.

“I was surprised when I received a call from her mother yesterday, that somebody went to the school authority to report that she was pregnant.

“Delegates from the school authority came to the house and said that the girl is not mature enough for marriage.

“That was how the case was reported to the police and I was arrested. I don’t know the name of her school. But she is in Junior Secondary School, JSS, one.”

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