Terror attacks on Iran capital leave seven dead

Updated Wednesday 7 June 2017 13:43
The Iranian capital of Tehran has been hit by what is believed to be a co-ordinated terror attack as shooting incidents unfold across the city, leaving 'at 12 people dead'.

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ISIS have now claimed responsibility for the attacks.

MPs inside the Iranian Parliament building are believed to have been taken hostage, while gunmen also targeted a mausoleum.

Twelve people are believed to have been killed in the co-oridnated attacks.

It is also understood a guard was shot dead as attackers stormed the building.

There were also initial reports of a shooting at a metro station, but these have not been confirmed.

Iranian news agencies, Fars and Meher, claim: "A person entered Iranian Parliament today and started shooting at the guards.

"He shot one of the guards in the leg and ran away."

MPs inside parliament were taken hostage (Photo: AFP)

It is now believed multiple attackers stormed the parliament and took hostages inside, closing all doors and gates to prevent MPs from leaving.

Pictures from the scene show security forces helping to lower a child through a window of the parliament building.

According to Fars agency, one of the shooters attempted to escape the building but was captured while another blew himself up.

Iran's IRIB news agency quoted an MP as saying there were a number of attackers at the parliament building, armed with AK-47 rifles.

"There were three attackers armed with two Kalashnikov rifles and one colt pistol," MP Elyas Hazrati was quoted as saying.

A journalist at the scene said: "I was inside the parliament when shooting happened. Everyone was shocked and scared. I saw two men shooting randomly."

The semi-official Tasnim news agency reported that two members of the public were also caught up in the shooting.

Unconfirmed reports also say eight people have been injured inside Ayatollah Khomeini's mausoleum.

The mausoleum is located several kilometres to the south of parliament, but happened at the same time and is believed to have been co-ordinated.

The identity and the motivation of all assailants is still unclear.

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