EX-DIG Speaks On Menace Of Fulani Herdsmen

Updated Friday 16 June 2017 9:36
EX-DIG Speaks On Menace Of Fulani Herdsmen
To worsen their case, they operate with prohibited arms the police have the right to apprehend them and charge for unlawful possession of fire arms.

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“They commit malicious damage, assault occasioning harm and even kill hundreds of law abiding citizen yet they are allowed to walk the street of this country as if they are operating a different constitution from other other Nigerians.

​The herdsmen have their cows as their business while those of us in the south have cassava, yams and other crops as our farming business for the Fulanis to allow their cows to feed on our food crops is man’s inhumanity to man”.

Mr. EkpoUdom called for the establishment of state police to fight crime from the grass root noting that you must know the terrain before you can effectively police area.

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