WOODEN SILVER by Oliver Samuel

Updated Friday 7 July 2017 19:11
WOODEN SILVER by Oliver Samuel

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Who said that we said that you ain't saying it?
Our breast milk taste like sweat.

Labour via labour,our armpits drip salts.
For the little we have,the hawks will steal
Flattering wings to take our spoils.

At the other end, behold silver spoons were shared
Shared like bread to the fortunate.
Nothing to show for ,we had not one.

Our face squeezed to the reverbs of poverty
Our backs pierced with the pangs of hard work
Edibles played hide and seek on us.

Seek ye first the kingdom of stomach,
And every other thing was not given to us.
Our hardworks alas! Made us a "wooden silver spoon".

A poor background is not an excuse for success. You can make it if u mean it.most of us have gone through fire, suffering and terrible encounters in life, they all make u strong. If you see people being rich not by their sweat, it may be hard for them to knw the value of what they are enjoying.
#the most value is placed on what u worked for because if you don't work for it, u won't value it.

Keep ur hardwork real and don't forget to add the paramount ingredient called "smartework".
If u are not born with a silver spoon, make ursef one even if its a carved one.. Because you'll really be great and will tell the stories to ur offsprings.

#Keepitrreal. Never relent because u were born with no spoon. If you are not born with a spoon ,why not get ursef one?

"hardwork via smart work pays".

Yours truly,

© Oliver samuel

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