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No One Wants to be a Teacher

Updated Monday 28 January 2019 17:0
No One Wants to be a Teacher but there is Man who is making teaching as a tradition. Today we are covering a Manish Makwana who has an interesting story about how he went into teaching breaking all the odds. Explore his method of teaching and his rich experience in this field. Watch the Eureka Moment which changed his life. Trimurti Classes are located in Dadar, Mumbai. 

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The classes are known for personalized attention to every student, rich experience teachers, discipline. The classes have shown remarkable success in making weaker students better and better students the best. This is all under the leadership and dedication of Manish Makwana. Eureka Moment captures the journey and the exciting stories of New Age Entrepreneurs, Innovators, Artists, Promoters and Philanthropists. It also highlights the interesting moments of their lives which shaped their future. 

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