Barcelona Gives Neymar 4 Conditions On His Return, He Agreed

Updated Wednesday 26 June 2019 6:31
Barcelona Gives Neymar 4 Conditions On His Return, He Agreed
Neymar and FC Barcelona already have an agreement in principle for the player to return to the Camp Nou from Paris Saint-Germain this summer. And they had some meat to add to the headline bones.

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  • Five year deal taking Neymar to 32 years old
  • Neymar to take huge drop in salary
  • Neymar to drop legal case against Barcelona
  • Real Madrid only potential Plan B
The report states that the deal between the Brazilian and the Spanish champions is for five seasons and, to allow it to happen, Neymar will take a significant drop in salary, from 36.8 million euros per season (second highest in world football) to 24 million, as was his contract before leaving. Sport journalist Albert Masnou also claims that due to Neymar's desire to return, he did not even try to negotiate the amount, clear that Barça president Josep Maria Bartomeu was at his upper limit. He also removed his legal case against the club owing him money.

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