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Meek Mill Plans To Avoid Lil Wayne & Justin Bieber Taped Deposition Leak

Updated Thursday 26 September 2019 5:47
Meek Mill Plans To Avoid Lil Wayne & Justin Bieber Taped Deposition Leak
Meek Mill's had a lot of success in court this year but unfortunately, he's still had a few legal battles that he's had to deal with. The rapper's been dealing with a lawsuit from the families of two men who were killed during a Meek Mill concert. They claimed that Meek and the venue failed to provide proper security to prevent the killings. 

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The rapper was supposed to be deposed in the case but he's pleading with the judge to prevent the filming of the deposition, Meek agreed to be deposed but only after the completion of his tour with Future by either a videoconference call or in-person in NYC. But his request to not be taped is based on the possibilities of having it leaked like Lil Wayne and Justin Bieber.

"This request is born out of a concern that a copy of the recording could be made public. Mill is a public figure and recent other high-profile leaks of deposition recordings are a significant cause for alarm," the document read. "Once these leaks occur, the tabloids and press often edit the video in a misleading way, which has the real potential to cause significant harm to Mill’s reputation and brand.”

Meek specifically named Justin Bieber and Lil Wayne as examples for depositions being leaked online. The judge has yet to make a ruling. 

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