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Nicki Minaj Sues Her Stylist For Intentionally Spoiling Her Outfit Because She Owes Her Stylist $250k

Updated Tuesday 10 December 2019 7:5
Nicki Minaj Sues Her Stylist For Intentionally Spoiling Her Outfit Because She Owes Her Stylist $250k
Two stylists who worked on Nicki Minaj videos have allegedly not been paid for the work they have done and Nicki is getting blamed for it. The stylists claim to be owed $25,000 for their time and expenses which includes traveling for the video shoots.

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According to The Blast, court documents reveal that Maher Jridi, Nicki's ex-stylist, is being sued but is claiming no wrongdoing in the suit. In recently submitted documents Jridi says, "Plaintiffs’ damages, if any, are owed by Wilhelmina Models, Inc. or Nicki Minaj" and he requests the lawsuit be dismissed.

Stylists and fashion consultants Martha Chery and Sam Woolf sued Maher Jridi in July, listing Wilhemnia Models as a defendant as well. Cherry was hired to work on Minaj and Jason DeRulo's "Swa Lah" video in 2017 and was promised payment of $500 per day. Although Martha Cherry sent an invoice after working on the 3-day video shoot, prior to getting paid she said that she would work three more videos. She worked on "Make Love" and "You Da Baddest" and was asked to go to both New York City and Miami. 

Then, the same thing happened again. Martha sent off invoices for the videos and prior to getting paid agreed to more shoots. This time she would be helping out Nicki's team in New York and then Paris for Paris Fashion Week. She also worked on "No Frauds" in the U.K.

According to Martha Cherry she worked 36.5 days and is owed $18, 250 in earnings and $1,389.12 in expenses.  

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