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Messi is back in Barcelona... but only for a stopover

Updated Thursday 29 July 2021 1:16
Messi is back in Barcelona... but only for a stopover
The Copa America winner has returned to Catalonia after enjoying some time off in Miami and the Dominican Republic, but he won't be returning permanently for another few days yet.

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For now, Messi is continuing to enjoy his downtime after leading Argentina to silverware this month, but Barcelona fans are still biting their nails waiting for his renewal at the Camp Nou to be confirmed.

The club, though, are still readjusting their salary expenses in order to be in a position to announce the agreement.

Barcelona are confident that Messi will continue at the club, with the parties having reached a principle agreement for his new deal.

Although Sergio Aguero and Emerson have had their start dates confirmed for August 2, Messi's date to return to training is not yet known as, technically, he is currently not a Barcelona player.

The hope and expectation for now is that Messi will return to work under Ronald Koeman's orders once the team have returned from Germany.

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