Kenyan Lawyer who asked for Malia Obama gets a request from Kenyan Woman

Updated Sunday 7 June 2015 11:56
Kenyan Lawyer who asked for Malia Obama gets a request from Kenyan Woman
A Kenyan woman has replied one lawyer who asked for the hands of Malia Obama in marriage. The lady is just so serious that her letter will soon go viral. Also, she gave the lawyer 5 days to respond. She wants to get married to the lawyer.... See the full letter in here. 'Dear Felix Kiprono,

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I write this letter with a lot of
expectations and prayers for a
positive response.
It has been long since I visited my
Facebook account; I have been up
and down with life hassles. I live
in a simple house in the outskirts
of Nairobi and have to wake up
very early to go to work to avoid
traffic jam, but I am not always
lucky in the evenings.
Of late, I think Kenyans have
really grown rich, they have
bought so many cars, I am yet tot
So today I decided to spare little
airtime for bundles and accessed
Facebook only to find headline
that you have offered all those
herds of livestock to Malia.
If I were in Nigeria, I would use
Tufyakwa' or' Chineke' (Oh my
God), because I am not amused at
Since I saw you going to court to
urge the Chief Justice to swear in
Deputy President, Hon Ruto as
president sometimes ago, I got
interested in you!
I have always been fascinated in
you since then and have followed
you on Twitter. I also friended you
on Facebook but you have not
accepted my friend request yet.
All the same, I took time to go
through your pictures, I got
smitten by this picture you have
some good-looking, seemingly
designer lipstick on your lips. I
have been looking for that shade
to no avail. The more the reason I
am very unhappy all that expertise
is going to Malia.
I am 27-year-old (turned 27 on
2nd May) beautiful single Kamba
lady but have been raised in
Nyahururu. I am well educated
and cultured, with an almost
same complexion as Malia and a
beautiful smile.
One of my BFFs is Kalenjin and
has taught me how to prepare
Mursik and cook brown ugali. I
have also interacted with Lawyers
in my job, they are very nice
In my village in Weru, Nyandarua
District, we have a big shamba
where all the livestock can be
grazed sufficiently. We are located
near Lake Ol Poloisat, so they will
never lack in water and just a few
meters down, there's a cattle dip.
Look, they will be very well taken
care of.
Actually we could start some
business of exporting milk to
other countries; I am very
hardworking woman and within no
time, will build our own White
Kiprono, please recall the offer to
President Obama and consider my
application, we can explain to him
when he comes to Kenya.
With love,
Ann Kioko.'
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