Kim Kardashian confesses to using long garments to 'cover her fat arms and ass'

Updated Wednesday 16 September 2015 6:56
Kim Kardashian confesses to using long garments to 'cover her fat arms and ass'
The heavily pregnant mother of one made a confession on her website about why she likes to wear long coat, despite the hot summer weather. Kim said she wears the long garments to “cover her fat arms and ass.”
As for Kim not sweating the heat? Kim says she’s “always freezing,” and that she doesn’t care what the weather is, she “will always wear coats.” She also says she’s “confident” and happy with her fashion choices, especially during Pregnancy #2.

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“I actually am a few pounds heavier this pregnancy than my last,” she reportedly wrote on her website, “yet I look so different. Maybe it’s because you carry a boy differently than a girl, maybe it’s because I don’t have the swelling that I had last time when I had preeclampsia, or maybe it’s because I am confident in my style and know what to expect.” She said.

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