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"And she forgot" - Article

Updated Thursday 6 July 2017 10:0
"And she forgot" - Article
(Letter To Mother)

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And she forgot that sun still set,
And she forgot the stars are still above
And she forgot the cock still crows
And she forgot that day still break.

And she forgot she birthed us
She left us and travel to an unknown land
Oh! mother where have you been?
Come home for your Hut is on fire.

For we now loot ourselves with no pity
For we now kill ourselves for power,
For men are now slaughtered by men
For we now eat from a plate called corruption.

The home you left is not the home we live anymore,
We now plant evil and reap misfortune
Our rivers now oceans of blood,
Our democracy now democrazy
Senators now sinators
The cloud now shed it horrible tears on us.

We are the architect of our own misfortune
I saw our three elder brothers,
They killed justice seven years ago
And peace was shot at the village square.

They beheaded love
And sent unity on exile.
We are now left with,
Misfortunes and poverty.

Mother Green White
Sail on sea,
Fly in air,
Walk on land
Come restore things at home
For our home is now a graveyard.

©Adedamola Quadri Adeniyi
All Right Reserved 2017.

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