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Updated Monday 25 September 2023 21:20

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I am the son of a crown
the prince of prince
In me lies a traditional diadem
with the charms of ancestral
Immortality from the gods.

I am the the ray of the sun
that bright up the day of man,
The subordinate moon that
illuminate the dark night.

The dark darkness that
impact knowledge into the head of a duller to view the
hidden light in the face of murk.

I am that beautiful rose planted
in the soul of your heart to
circulate pure love into the blood of your vein.

I am the enigmatic creature
that live no life but dwell
Between the heaven and earth.

I am the learning poet
that write to divert your mindset from the perspective of evil unto the favor in goodness and benevolence.

I am the son of man
birthed by a woman
In the form of human.

I am that literary demon
that forcefully open your
mind to the poetry of the soul.
I am the ancient king
that stare at the crown
and feel happy and fortified.

I am the wise dog that dare
enter the cave of the lion
and tore him apart mercilessly.

I am the sacred rite that must
be perform to regain peace in the land of absolute agony.

I am the me in me
In me lies me
I was created to be me
Without being mean
I am me.

© Adedamola Quadri Adeniyi
All Right Reserved 2016


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