22 PVCs Collected In Zamfara Since April - INEC

Updated Friday 4 August 2017 11:7
22 PVCs Collected In Zamfara Since April  -  INEC
While PVC collection has reached 65001 nationwide, Lagos State ranks first in PVC collected so far with 9982.

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According to a breakdown by the commission released yesterday night, a total of 1,810,153 have participated in the continuous Voters Registration (CVR) in the recent exercise.
As a build up to the 2019 general election, INEC had commenced CVR and PVC collection exercise in April.

However the breakdown of recent figures by INEC also revealed that 76,256 persons have requested for transfer of their PVCs, while 155471 PVCs have been defaced.
According to the records, Lagos State has the highest number of CVR participation, with 109,040, followed by Rivers State with 103,919.
The Federal Capital Territory (FCT) has the least registration number with 14,857.

With regards to defaced PVCs, Rivers State ranks first with 14176, while Bayelsa State has the least by 88.


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