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Apple to launch iPhone 8 on September 12, introducing new 512GB variant

Updated Thursday 24 August 2017 9:24
Apple to launch iPhone 8 on September 12, introducing new 512GB variant
Apple may introduce the iPhone 8, along with the iPhone 7s and the iPhone 7s Plus on 12th September. This is according to a report by Mac4Ever, which predicts that iPhone 8,  iPhone 7s, and iPhone 7s Plus would be launching on September 12 and that the three phones will go on sale from September 22, just a little over a week after the launch. Although these dates pertain to the market in the US because in India chances are that the iPhone 8, iPhone 7S and the iPhone 7s Plus will only arrive in October.

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Of the three phones, the iPhone 7s and the iPhone 7s Plus are supposed to be the regular updates to the iPhone 7 and the iPhoen 7 Plus. The iPhone 8, meanwhile, is said to be special version of iPhone that Apple is preparing to mark the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. It will be very expensive -- rumours hint at a price of above $1200 -- and will have a radically new design.     

September 15 launch, September 22 for shipment

We suggest you to take this news with a pinch of salt as nothing is confirmed yet and these are only speculations. However the dates do seem to make a lot of sense given the fact that Apple may target the newly announced Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with these dates. The Note 8 is expected to go on sale around mid September. So it can be little worrying for Note 8 if the iPhone 8 actually starts shipping from September 22 as the Note 8 shipment starts from September 15 and it could affect the decision of potential Note 8 buyers. 

512GB storage variant of iPhone 8

A separate leak from Chinese leaker GeekBar suggests that the iPhone 8 is tipped to come in a new 512GB storage variant. Through past rumours we already know that Apple could launch a 64GB and 256GB variant of the iPhone 8. Furthermore, the tipster hints that this year iPhone's flash storage could be varied. The 64GB and 256GB could have Toshiba and Sandisk's flash while the 512GB could house chips from Samsung and Hynix.

OLED display, bezel less design

The iPhone 8 will sport an OLED display and bezel less design. This has been rumoured for long. A new leak from a Weibo user has also hinted on the same. The leak hints at a bezel less display. But not only this, the leaked image also shows off a digitizer and a connecting cable in the iPhone 8. When looked closer at the top, you can see three round cut outs which possibly could be for the proximity sensor, a front camera and an iris scanner.  As rumoured before, the leak shows no signs of home button and an additional piece could be seen at the back of the device. It is unclear what is it.

Powerful Face ID

A recent report from Korean Herald has also hinted that the iPhone 8 could come with a powerful face recognition feature which can unlock the device in millionth of second. This means that the iPhone 8 could ditch the fingerprint sensor and instead come with a face recognition feature. 3D sensor that can mute notifications

A separate rumours predicts that the iPhone 8 could come with a 3D sensor which can also mute notifications by simply looking at the display. If this report is to be believed then there are chances that Apple could ditch its traditional physical mute button.

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