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Man Sleeps With His 4 Daughters, Wife Knows - See Their Reason

Updated Saturday 25 May 2019 6:9
Man Sleeps With His 4 Daughters, Wife Knows - See Their Reason
Forty-seven-year old Rashidi, living in Sango-Ota, Ogun State could easily be described as a good looking man.
This means that getting a woman to warm his bed wouldn’t be a lot of headache. But Rashidi, for some years now, had been having sexual intercourse with four of his daughters. A situation many people who got wind of described as bizarre.

But the most bizarre is that his wife, who is the mother of the four girls, was aware of the situation and appeared handicapped to do anything about it.

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They said: “Our father is sick. He doesn’t know what he is doing. We know what is wrong with him. We just need money to make him well. To arrest him and take him to court for the whole world to see and read about him and us is not the solution. We need spiritual help, not publicity.”

The first of the girls is 26 years old, second is 23, third is 19 and the last is 14. Ordinarily, these ladies could have decided to report him to police or family members.
But they didn’t, rather they said: “Our father is a victim, not a criminal.”

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