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World Virginity Day - Nigerian Actress Celebrates 33rd Birthday As Virgin

Updated Sunday 9 June 2019 7:21
World Virginity Day - Nigerian Actress Celebrates 33rd Birthday As Virgin
World Virginity Day is a celebration aimed at creating an avenue for teenagers, young adults and the world at large to be sensitized about the importance of sexual purity.

This event is scheduled to hold annually, precisely on the second Saturdays in June and it often takes place in different forms like marches, rallies, forums and the likes.

Sexual purity which used to be a critical aspect of our human sexuality has been relegated to the background over the years which in turn has contributed to some misinformation and sexually decadent act we experience in our society today.

The celebration of World Virginity Day has been on annually for five consecutive years and through the years, many people have come to grasp the essence of our NO SUM (No Sex Until Marriage) message.

Another highlight of the event is the voluntary act of notable personalities in the society who portray themselves as Faces of Purity. This has further served as motivation for the youths that NO SUM is possible.

The event however is not on a mission to ridicule those who have lost their virginity one way or the other but to strengthen them and provide a beacon of hope that they can still live sexually- pure lives regardless of their pasts. Married couples are also encouraged to stay faithful to their partners.

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