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Top 24 surviving tips to carry about your everyday life

Updated Monday 14 November 2022 13:20
Top 24 surviving tips to carry about your everyday life
Free Knowledge That Might Save A Life One Day.

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1. Never take out an object you’ve been stabbed with. It’s actually preventing you from a hemorrhage. Let a doctor or other medical person remove it.

2. If you need urgent help in a public place, do not scream for help. People will think someone else will help you. Instead, call out for help to one specific person.
The bystander effect, is a social psychological phenomenon in which individuals are less likely to offer help to a victim when other people are present. The greater the number of bystanders, the less likely it is that any one of them will help.

3.If the plane you’re in has to perform a water landing, you should never inflate your life jacket while you’re in the plane, as it will make you stuck on the ceiling. Get off the plane first, then inflate the jacket.

4.If you’re cooking with oil and gas and it catches fire, never try to extinguish it with water. Because of the oil, you’ll instead make the fire bigger. Simply turn off the gas and use something non-flammable to cover the flames. A pot lid, wet cloth or a wool blanket are useful.

5.Stay close to the ground if any building catches fire. Smoke is the first cause of death during a fire & smoke rises. Clearer air for breathing is found close to the ground.

6. If you find yourself in the ocean, for example, and want to surface, your first instinct will be to paddle as fast as you can. It will exhaust you, and eventually cause you to drown. Instead, just float.

7.Wherever you go, be it a church, a party, or even a school, make sure you see 3 exits. It can be both easy and hard. Scan the space with your eyes so that even if there’s only one door you’ll find at least three ways out.
Why? If something bad happens, it’ll be too late to look for an exit. If you’ve found and memorized them in advance, you’ll be able to move toward one of them almost without thinking.

8. If a dog is going to attack you in open place then,
do not run, dog can catch you in no time( since it is open place).
do not look into its eyes( animals can sense fear).
do not show your back( showing back is a sign of fear).
grab a stick if possible. Stand straight and be in attack mode. Walk backwards slowly until you are out of attack zone(200 meters is dog’s attack zone).

9. If you notice you are being followed, Raise your head, and go slowly.
People tend to instinctively lower their head and increase their pace when they sense danger. However, you should do just the contrary: confidently raise your chin, and slow down.
Why? When you follow your first instinct, you become prey. Who or whatever is threatening you, slow down, raise your head, and look sideways to see the danger with your peripheral vision.

10. Suppose you rammed your car into an electric-pole and live current wires on your car then,
Do not panic. Your car tyres are made up of rubber and will work as an insulator. The metal surface of the car acts as a Faraday cage due to which the electric field inside the car is zero.
Do not step out of the vehicle,if you do so you will complete the circuit between wires and earth and you’ll be fried in no time.
Pick up the floor mats in you car and throw them on the ground where you could reach by jumping
Make sure you cover maximum area with mats
Open car door widely( roof top is preferable) then jump onto the mats which you placed earlier.
Make sure you remove two legs at once( keeping one leg inside may complete circuit).

11. If you were bitten by a viper/any venomous snake, do not run(the venom will spread faster). -Take a picture of the snake if possible or remember its features (pattern/head shape).
-Within the first 2 minutes, more than 95% of the venom will still be around the wound.
– Tie your shoelace 3 inches above the wound to slow down the spreading of the venom and loosen the tie for 30 seconds every 10 minutes to avoid necrosis.
-Call for help.
While waiting, rinse the wound with water (ideally 5% potassium permanganate with 2L water if you have a First Aid kit) or any -liquid (especially, urine).

12. If your car especially the fuel tank were on fire, do not try to douse the fire with water. Water is lighter than petrol and therefore would sink to the bottom of the tank. The boiling water would produce more heat, which when cannot diffuse, would cause explosion -use dry powder fire extinguisher. Using the incorrect agent can allow the fire to re-ignite.
If the fire cannot be put out within 3 minutes, abandon the car.

13. You are driving a car and your brakes failed,then
Do not say your last prayers in panic and be shouting “Jesus! Jesus!” upandan!
Do not kill (turn off) the engine in panic as turning off engine will lock your steering then you can’t change your path to avoid collisions.
Do not change your gear to “neutral”, just decrease the gears sequentially. If you are in 80 with 4 gear come to 3rd and hit accelerator car will slow down like wise do with rest of the gears.
Once you have attained impact sustainable speed, try hand brakes. If they failed too, collide your vehicle with a similarly sized, parked car because Car fronts are designed to absorb shock (structurally weaker) and hitting a similarly sized car will distribute the momentum evenly
Else collide it with a tree or pole( make sure you wear seat belt and have air bags).

14. Never walk down the stairs with your hands in your pockets. This way if you trip/fall, you’ll not be able to catch yourself.
15. If a stranger gets in your car forcefully and orders you to take them somewhere, you can drive straight into a pole or a lamp post. This way you’ll render yourself useless to them because
a) the car is damaged and
b) you’ve drawn enough attention by crashing the car.
Sure, you’ll damage your car but you’ll save your life. Ensure your seat belt is on and your car has airbag.
I know I run the risk of sounding like a religious bigot but we are sharing life-saving tips here, and what I’m about to share has proven time and time again to be a major life saver.


16. If there are more than 2 routes to your house, try as much as possible to occasionally switch routes and don’t switch in a patterned manner…. This will help you against ambushed kidnapping

17. Don’t walk on/by the road when you talk, instead stop and finish your phone call before walking.
You will experience Inattention Blindness (you may be looking at an object but you’ll fail to register it or process what it is).
The human brain cannot multitask. Walking and talking on a cell phone are two thinking tasks that involve many areas of the brain. Instead of processing both simultaneously, the brain rapidly switches between two cognitive activities.
Cell phone use reduces pedestrian safety. It shuts the world around, makes you blind to danger and is one of the leading causes of death for pedestrians.

18. When involved in an accident and a medical rescue team is on site, don’t go about screaming your lungs out “help me! Help me! Yeparipa!”….. Make little or no sound as it is a well known fact that the less injured aren’t usually the most vocal in an accident. The silent ones are most times attended to first as it is assumed they are CRITICALLY injured.

19.Do not take pictures of military vehicles, military personnel or military installations without permission. – Don’t ask me why but you can find out if you want.

20. If you are in a foreign country, stay out of political discussions unless you know all of the parties VERY WELL. If pressed for an opinion, then simply state ,truthfully, that you don’t know enough to comment. You will stay alive minding your business.

21.There is a little, clever device that can prevent death, headache, bleeding, back pain, neck pain, bone fractures, head trauma, brain damage, organ damage, bruises and emergency hospital admittance.
It’s called a SEAT BELT, use it always.

22. Wait a second or two after the light turns green before hitting the accelerator. There’s always that one asshole at the other end that tries to outsmart the red light and they’re never going slowly either.

23. If you are driving an automatic and you experience a failed brake, the first thing you want to do is to take your foot off the accelerator.
Secondly shift your vehicle gear down to D1 to reduce your speed. As your speed gradually drops, use your hand brake. Although it will take longer than usual to come to a stop because it only stops the back tires. Along with this, keep swerving the car and drive off the tarmac on the gravel or mud patch, if the conditions permit. This is to cause friction which will hopefully a long way in slowing the speed of the vehicle.
Ensure your hazard lights are on to warn fellow drivers & pedestrians.
Worst case, you can also scrape your car to the barrier/railings on the side of the road.
Friction is your best friend in such a situation. Try making the most of it.

24. Avoid as much as possible taking the lift alone. Use the staircase if the floor you are going to is not far. Otherwise, use the lift together with others.

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