Man Escapes Brutal Attack By 13 Fulani Herdsmen In Enugu

Updated Friday 4 October 2019 6:17
Man Escapes Brutal Attack By 13 Fulani Herdsmen In Enugu
A businessman is out here thanking God for saving his life and that of his boy from a herdsmen attack after visiting his fish farm located at Amokpo in Ibagwa Nike in Enugu state last Saturday.

According to him the herdsmen were over 13 in number that ambushed them shooting sporadically.

Sharing the photos of the attack, he wrote;

I survived!!!!
Fulani herdsmen are truly in Enugu, they attacked me, but by God's Mercy and Humongous Miracle, I survived!! So on Saturday (28th sept, 2019), I went with my boy to our fish farm located at "Amokpo in Ibagwa Nike" feed the fishes and also drop the feeds I was with for them.

After doing that, I took a look around the farm and without wasting much time, I made to leave, this was about 6:10pm.

About five minutes drive away from the farm, the herdsmen had already laid ambush and on getting to the spot (a bend) where the incident occurred, they all came out, fully armed!!

Corner...corner they were echoing... Immediately, about 5 came to my door which I forgot to put on lock and opened it, asking me to come down, same with the passenger's door.

I tried struggling with him and just then one used the dagger he was with on me..he cut my left hand deep.

All these while they were already shooting tirelessly.... Oh....This is God!!! You know how courage exist in presence of fear, I immediately put my gear on reverse and used back to take off, while they kept shooting without any bullet getting to me or my boy who had bent his own chair already.

This time, I was bleeding profusely and in great pain, but I managed to keep going, I didn't see the gallop before me, I jumped into it and my battery head pulled out.

We left the car and ran as our legs could carry us down to the community... We got their and some young men followed us to where we left the car.

I was taken to the hospital straight away, and I'm still here, thank God that I'm responding to treatment....the cut was deep but didn't touch my bone.

The local Government Chairman has been here. Please this is a call to wake our leaders up..

The insurgency in Enugu is becoming alarming...
Herdsmen are here
They attacked us.

We were 2 against over 13 of them!!! Thank you Jesus. This could only be you alone!!
I am grateful to be a testifier
Blessed Nwa ikuku

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