Nigeria Confirms 3rd Coronavirus Case

Updated Tuesday 17 March 2020 21:32
Nigeria Confirms 3rd Coronavirus Case
Nigeria has confirmed it's 3rd case of coronavirus victim. The news was revealed by the Lagos State Commissioner of Health, Akin Abayomi

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“This is a new case independent of the index case of a 30 year-old Nigerian, female, who returned from the UK on 13th March,” the commissioner revealed.

Mr Abayomi said the patient, who initially showed symptoms of the infection, observed self-Isolation, and thereafter tested positive.

Although Nigeria has so far recorded three cases of the virus, only two are active. The second case, linked to the index case, later tested negative.

The first case, an Italian who arrived the country on a business trip, was confirmed on February 27.

The man had spent two days within the country and visited Lagos and Ogun state before he fell ill and was diagnosed of coronavirus.

He has since been isolated and placed under treatment.

On Monday, the minister of state for health, Olorunnimbe Mamora, said the contact case from the index case was well and released to go back into the community. He said the index case was still, however, being observed as the viral load of the virus is yet to be at zero significant level.

He said the Italian would be under observation until that is achieved but he is clinically stable and responding to treatment.

Mr Mamora said between January 7 and March 15, a total of 48 people who had met the case definition of the disease has so far been tested in eight states – Lagos, Ogun, Edo, Enugu, FCT, Rivers Kano, Yobe – out of which 47 tested negative and have been cleared, one positive (contact of index case) and one result still pending. There has been no death so far.

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