Miracle as baby survives after falling off moving train from toilet hole

Updated Thursday 31 December 2015 12:0
Miracle as baby survives after falling off moving train from toilet hole
A miracle happened in India on 28th December, one you would hardly believe. A baby who was born inside the toilet of a train in India slipped through the toilet bowl and fell on rail tracks miraculously survived on Monday, December 28. According to a statement made on Wednesday by a Police officer, Anil Sirohi in New Delhi, the 23-year-old pregnant woman went into labour while she was travelling on the train in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh.

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She then went into one of the toilets where she delivered a baby girl. The newborn slipped out and fell unto the rail tracks.

"Passengers on the train heard her cries for help and pulled the emergency chain to bring the train to a halt. Moments later they ran toward the baby and found it was alive." Sirohi said.
The railway police moved both mother and child to a nearby hospital. Railway official, Chandra Mohan-Jindal, said it was a miracle that the baby survived after falling on concrete boulders of the track from such a height. "Fortunately the train was not at a great speed as it had just begun its journey from the railway station"

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