Muslims in China ordered to hand over all copies of Quran or face harsh charges

Updated Saturday 30 September 2017 11:32
Muslims in China ordered to hand over all copies of Quran or face harsh charges
According to new reports from Radio Free Asia, the Christians are not the only ones affected as Muslims have also been asked to hand over their religious items. The Muslim faithfuls in Xinjiang, northwestern China, were reportedly asked to hand in their Qurans and prayer mats or face severe punishments.

A spokesman World Uyghur Congress, Dilxat Raxit, said people in Kashgar, Hotan and other regions were not left out as notifications were reportedly sent via WeChat, asking them to hand over their own religious items. The Uyghur human rights project said they were alarmed at how the government's regulations were intruding into its citizens' religious lives, adding that people of faith don't need to be treated as 'state suspects'. 

A director of the project identified as Omer Kanat said:

"The new religious regulations demonstrate how Xi Jinping’s administration is founded on division. In Xi’s China loyalty is demanded and not earned. Ethnic minorities, dissidents and people of faith present a challenge to Beijing’s vision of unquestioned allegiance to the state. If these groups do not fall into line, their vilification creates a convenient scapegoat for a morally compromised government." 

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