Nigerian-British Actor, Chris Obi Arrested For Rape & Sex Assault Of 6 Female Students In UK

Updated Wednesday 31 July 2019 5:47
Nigerian-British Actor, Chris Obi Arrested For Rape & Sex Assault Of 6 Female Students In UK
Chris Obi, the Nigerian actor who starred in 'Star Trek' has been arrested on suspicion of rape and sexual assault of six female students. Obi, who played a Klingon leader in Star Trek, used to be a drama teacher. It's been claimed that Obi assaulted female students as they acted out love scenes during private lessons at his home.

Six women made complains against Obi, 51, and he was arrested at Heathrow Airport after flying in from Los Angeles. Obi, whose real name Christopher Ogugua, has been questioned on suspicion of raping one woman and sexually assaulting five others. He was released on bail pending further investigation. 

The Met said the investigation relates to alleged incidents which took place between July 2012 and August last year. The Met Police said: "The allegations have been made by six female complainants and relate to separate incidents that allegedly took place at an address in the Notting Hill area." Obi reportedly denies all wrongdoing and strongly refutes the allegations.

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