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Female Corper Buys Keke With Her Allowee

Updated Sunday 9 February 2020 7:56
Female Corper Buys Keke With Her Allowee
Her name is Uwaoma Susan Joseph , shared with caption ...

I am not a motivational speaker..
But I want to tell you that if you are determined,what works works...

I'll be passing out in few days and yes my NYSC Allaweeeee is what I used to buy this Keke...

I received 19800 and my PPA paid me 20000
I was saving and at the end of last month I realized 432,000..

I was doing a side hustle as many people know how I struggled while serving and had no cause to be broke....

I bought this Keke Napep though not brand New and gave to someone for hire purchase..

I get not less than small naira from this Keke in a day..
Am proud to say
I came
I saw
I conquered...

NYSC is not scam
Am a proud owner of a Keke

I need a good job to blend it

I studied Estate management and valuation...

Share to inspire someone.....


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