How EFCC can win corruption cases in court - Obasanjo

Updated Monday 10 April 2017 9:32
How EFCC can win corruption cases in court  -  Obasanjo
A former president of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo, has said for the EFCC to be result-oriented, it must adopt a three-pronged approach of thorough investigation, diligent prosecution and committed judiciary. 

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He said, “I was reading today when the President (Muhammadu Buhari) said the EFCC should stop losing cases. They lose cases for a number of reasons. One, they engage more of outside lawyers. I believe that they need staunch, ogbologbo lawyers inside that will do the work.”

He gave the second factor as thorough investigation and third factor as judges who must be committed in fighting corruption, “because if the investigation is very sound and you have ogbologbo lawyer to handle the case, if you have Salamigate, you know what the answer will be.” 

Obasanjo also denied the allegations by Bamaiyi in his book. Bamaiyi was detained in October 1999 and charged for the attempted murder of the late publisher of the Guardian newspaper and former Internal Affairs Minister, Alex Ibru. He was, however, discharged and acquitted in April 2008.

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