Dogs Are Better Treated Than Nigerian Workers - Shehu Sani

Updated Tuesday 2 May 2017 15:0
Dogs Are Better Treated Than Nigerian Workers  -  Shehu Sani
The Senator representing Kaduna Central, Shehu Sani has advocated N145,000 as minimum wage for Nigerian civil servants.

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He described the current N18,000 minimum wage as ‘a big insult’ to Nigerian workers, adding that the amount was not even enough to feed a politician’s dog in a month.

Sani said that the Nigerian workers deserved to live better as the country was rich enough to comfortably pay them well.

According to him, “When you say N56,00, or N60,000, sometimes all these things are tied to our foreign exchange. Nigerian workers should have not less than $300 per month and that will be between N140,000 and N150,000.

“I would be one of those that would push it forward. Nigeria has the resources to do that. The amount of money that is being used to maintain and sustain political office holders, the amount of money being wasted on corruption, the amount of money being stolen both known and unknown are monumental to the point that we cannot tell ourselves that such a country that pride itself as a giant of Africa will be paying less than $20 in the name of minimum wage.

“N18,000 or N20,000 minimum wage is an insult to Nigerian workers because it cannot sustain even a dog or security man in the house of a politician.

“So, as far as I am concerned, I believe the only way to be fair and just is not just to peg it but rather make it a government policy. Public and private working places should maintain that especially you journalists that have no salary.



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