Buhari Doing Fine, Not On Life Support - Nigerians Living Abroad Slam Fayose

Updated Friday 30 June 2017 11:25
Buhari Doing Fine, Not On Life Support  -  Nigerians Living Abroad Slam Fayose
Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose, had in a statement he personally urged Nigerians to pray for the President as all was not well with him.

“Like every other Nigerian, I do not wish the president dead, I have therefore maintained dignified silence since we were told that the President embarked on his second medical trip abroad this year,” Fayose had said.

Adeka Onyilo, NDMG Coordinator, while berating Fayose in an electronic statement made available on Thursday, said: 

“It is most ridiculous the story is coming from no other person than the governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose, who has not for once been able to hide his bellicose for the bite of the anti-corruption fight championed under President Buhari.

“His antecedent as a man who manipulated a sacred electoral process to emerge the governor coupled with his unmasked hatred of the President should have triggered the alarm bells for any reputable media organization to do better with its fact check.

“Contrary to achieving whatever devious objective the sponsors of the report might have had in mind, it has served to ridicule and compromise Nigerians especially those in the Diaspora as we can authoritatively report based on our experience and feedbacks from other nationals that we interact with in the UK since its publication,”

He went on: “This is an update we could have freely given to Sahara Reporters or any other member of the public since our group continues to closely monitor developments in this regards in line with the promise we made to Nigerians. That we were not issuing periodic updates as promised out of consideration for Mr. President’s privacy.

“It is most unfortunate that those who traded their humanity for pittance to violate this privacy are also incidentally bereft of knowledge to the point that every single piece of medical equipment transforms into a life support machine in their mind’s-eye. Much as they may want to massage their fantasies, we recommend to them to desist from trying to mislead Nigerians since their calamitous wishes are not the same as what has been ordained by God,” Onyilo added.


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