Sen. Ted Cruz likes a 2-min Porn video on Twitter

Updated Tuesday 12 September 2017 9:13
Sen. Ted Cruz likes a 2-min Porn video on Twitter
The Republican lawmaker from Texas, Sen. Ted Cruz has been busy on Twitter liking porn videos.

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His account was among more than 400 accounts that liked a two-minute-long porno from @SexuallPosts on the social media site.

Lewd footage of the actors — two women and a man — briefly appeared on Cruz’s feed of liked tweets for no particular reason early Tuesday. It vanished from his page just before 1:30 a.m.

It’s unclear when the married father of two personally liked the tweet or if a staffer using his account did the deed.

Although Twitter prohibits pornography from its platform, that did not stop the failed presidential candidate’s personal account from liking the video.

The porno appeared on Ted Cruz's page early Tuesday.

Cruz spokeswoman Catherine Frazier soon addressed the senator’s late night Twitter activity and said “the offensive tweet posted on @tedcruz account earlier has been removed by staff and reported to Twitter.”

However, Frazier mistakenly said the video was posted to Cruz’s account, not liked.

PornHub later identified the X-rated actress as Cory Chase.

This is not the first time Cruz has been associated with carnal pleasures.

As a fledgling law clerk, Cruz said he once searched for hardcore pornography using the term “cantaloupe” alongside retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor — for work, he said. The evangelical Christian divulged his bizarre work duties alongside his wife, Heidi Cruz, and their two daughters during a CNN town hall in April 2016.

Earlier that year, Cruz’s campaign pulled a Sen. Marco Rubio attack ad that aired after learning the actress they hired for the commercial was softcore porn veteran Amy Lindsay.

The former state solicitor general in 2007 tried banning sex toy sales in a failed argument that spanned 76-pages.

The source of Cruz’s schadenfreude, @SexuallPosts, later thanked the senator for watching.  

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