Buhari to lose in 2019 Presidential Election, according to a US based firm

Updated Tuesday 5 February 2019 10:2
Buhari to lose in 2019 Presidential Election, according to a US based firm
Buhari will lose the 2019 election if he (and by extension, the cabal that controls him) does not interfere with INEC

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The message is clear, according to the United States based polling firm that predicted his win in 2015 election. Scientifically, Williams and Associate, has predicted a wide margin.


The company in its analysis of Nigerian presidential election said Atiku will win with less than a majority of the votes cast with 45 per cent. Buhari, according to the polls, will take 33 per cent of the votes.


The polling sample produced Kingsley Moghalu, the candidate of Young Peoples Party, YPP, with 9 per cent of the votes, Omoyele Sowore of African Action Congress, AAC, with 8 per cent of the votes.


The same company, which when it was hired by the Jonathan administration, had predicted victory for Buhari with 54 per cent to 46 per cent for Jonathan. Buhari eventually beat Jonathan by 54 to 45 per cent of the total votes cast.


In its analysis working with data collected across Nigeria by operatives of Williams and Associates through interviews, face to face interviews and using mult-stage stratification proportionate to the population sample responders were interviewed on their preferences in English and local dialects as appropriate.


The poll also reported that South-East with 76 per cent had the greatest proportion of Nigerians who believe that things are going in the wrong direction. Only 12 per cent of those in the region believed that things were going in the right direction.


The South-East was followed by the South-South with 70 per cent, the North-East with 65 per cent, North-West with 57 per cent, South-West 48 per cent.


Remarkably, the troubled North-Central with 46 per cent had the least proportion of those who believe that things were wrong.


Two weeks to the election, 64 per cent of the sample responded that President Buhari had not done enough to deserve re-election that was compared to 52 per cent, which in the same time in 2015 that believed that Dr. Jonathan had not done enough to deserve re-election.


Responding, Mr. Festus Keyamo, spokesman of the Buhari campaign said: “This is one of several predictions that various polls have projected. I am sure also that you have said President Buhari will win with a wide margin. We know that even before the primaries.


“It is an insult to give President Buhari 33 per cent of the votes, it does not reflect the reality on the ground.”


10 groups that will not vote Buhari in February 2019 Presidential election and their reasons:


1. Shitte Muslims because of the wanton and reckless massacre and incarceration of their members by Buhari government, a statement confirmed by a recent news post from New York Times;


2. Some Nigerians who blame Buhari for leading the country into recession. One was quoted as saying that "Instead of taking the country to Canaan, Buhari (Actually the Cabal) is taking Nigeria to the deepest dungeon in the farthest part of wilderness"


3. North Central States because Buhari is believed to be protecting and defending Fulani Killer Herdsmen that has been killing them, raping them and snatching their ancestral lands;


4. Southeast States because Buhari labelled them 5% and arrogantly marginalised them by by conspicuously neglecting their region in many appointments. Buhari also is believed to have massacred their sons when he directed the Army to lead Operation Python Dance to the zone, which cracked down on Biafran agitators;


5. Southsouth States because Buhari labelled them 5% and abandoned Ogoni land clean;


6. Southwest individuals who wants to reduce the influence of Tinubu and can believe that Buhari is being teleguided by a selfish cabal, which was equally confirmed by Buhari's wife!


7. Many Nigerians who cherish the unity of Nigeria and have seen the divisive, clanish and nepotistic government of Buhari, made public by his appointments which seemed to favour a certain region;


9. Over 9 Million youths that lost their jobs since 2015. To add salt to injury, Buhari insulted these youths by calling them lazy;


10. Nigerian women whom Buhari dispised and stubbornly refused to integrate into his government. Buhari also demeaned Nigerian women by blabbing that they belong to the kitchen and the other room!!


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