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See Why Masturbation Can Destroy Your Life & Career

Updated Saturday 1 August 2020 13:20
See Why Masturbation Can Destroy Your Life & Career
Masturbation can lead you to mental and physical weakness rendering you nearly useless. This post was adopted from a Nairalander. 

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Okay, let me quickly expose a secret you most likely don't know about Masturbation.

Recently, Femi, my gantry hostelmate, other friends and I were outside my hostel, chilling.

At a moment, he collected my phone to access my Gallery.

To his surprise, I locked it, and even the Gallery app.
"So you also have joined the soapy crew, Godwin?" he teased.

Because they know me. I don't keep sensitive docs on phone. So, I don't lock my phones. Not until July, when I caught a lady scrolling through my sms.

Masturbation was the talk of the moment in Ikire, this fateful day. And I was happy to share my quota on that trauma habit. Let me share you too.

I discovered Masturbation when I clocked 13, and this time, was early 2012. I didn't discover it through porn.

Dear, I grew up amidst Ospoly Iree students. I watched a lot about porn. But God helped me not to recognize its significance.

It was inside bathroom, I realized a strange thing. And I began to research Google with my flat Nokia X2-01. I never knew there was anything named Masturbation. I understood it succinctly. I studied the psychological effect effectively.

I began research in the Bible. I never trusted to ask anyone - but only God and Google. Trust me, the only place where something about Masturbation appeared is the unfortunate case of Onan. In short, God warned me that it's deadly.

Pas. Chris Oyhakilome, a globally renown pastor again at that time answered this question that it's not a sin, since you're not lusty about a lady, who God warned about. I became a bit confused. But God helped me to understand this concept totally and better sooner than later. Carefully read this o please.

See, the reason why you rarely see anyone talk about Masturbation is that most people practice it.

According to medical research, in Wikipedia(2017), over 95% of males and 85% of females globally have masturbated, respectively.

They'll feel guilty and unsafe to talk about Masturbation.

Don't mind all these religious condemnations. Nevertheless, if you've been practicing it, you'd better find a way to totally stop.

You know why?
You can't be productive in life. This is not a curse.

Are you saying a friend is practising and getting away with it? Watch out for him. Unless he stops.

Real sex is totally different from Masturbation

If you'll agree with me about the reality of the spiritual world, know this. Your spiritual pillar shrinks the more every time you masturbate. Quote me anywhere.

Let's forget if it's a sin or not this time around.

Your brain is designed to release some hormones called Dopamine. That hormone will get you addictive. An implication of that can destroy your sexual performance.

For instance, my guys, A male can be vulnerable to less than a 30second ejaculation. From my research, a lady or a guy may suffer by not reaching Orgasm when performing the real thing - later on.

You won't be productive because your brain's receptacles and innovative organ would become weak and lazy.

If you believe in the existence of devil, that's how he's been destroying talented youths.

Do you think people are not talented?

Oh, you think there are only few people who discovered their purpose in life. People are getting answers and idea to their purpose in life, but their habits won't accord them the flavour to succeed.

Buhari is not your problem. We're our problems.

I've researched a lot about Masturbation, interviewed addicts and asked doctors about Masturbation. Doctors might even advise you that it's safe. Yes. It's 100% STD free but your productive strength will be sucked.

Yes. Doctors told me they demand for it due to tests and diagnoses.

Are you into this act and you think you're productive? I can prove that you were designed to be far better productive than that state. You ain't designed to be a Local Champion. Trust me.

You know me, I will never say what I don't know.

Kindly advise anyone you know it for to stop it, if you love that person.

If you struggle with Masturbation, and you want to stop, religiousness will only make it worse.

It can be difficult. You may not stop at once. But you'll finally stop.

Avoid staying alone;

ask God for help;

avoid hugging opposite sex;

find a hobby ;

Learn a musical instrument ;

and don't stare at girls with massive frontside and backside.

Don't mind those that advice that you go get a girlfriend, for real sex - that as a result, you'll hate masturbation.

From my research, that choice can interrupt your life's plan. It's not even the solution.

By God's grace, you'll stop totally. You're not addictive. You're only mis-arranging your priorities.


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