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Looking For A Quick Money? Cubana Chief Priest Shares 3 Million Every 8pm On Instagram

Updated Thursday 7 May 2020 6:59
Looking For A Quick Money? Cubana Chief Priest Shares 3 Million Every 8pm On Instagram
Cubana Chief Priest is the pseudonym of an Imo-born show promoter, millionaire, businessman, who is the General Manager and Co-Director of Cubana Group (Cubana Leisure Outfits). He shared 3 million naira alongside Davido and other rich celebrities and business men yesterday night by 8pm as well as day before yesterday.

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He however stated that he will share more by 8pm today and as the trend is, it looks like he plans to continue the giveaway show. 

Quick Facts about Cubana Chief Priest

  • Cubana Chief Priest’s real name is Chibuike Okechukwu
  • He is a show promoter and a millionaire businessman
  • Cubana Chief Priest is the General Manager and Co-Director of Cubana Leisure Outfits
  • He’s actively involved in charity, particularly paying the school fees of indigent students and gifting cash to pregnant women
  • Cubana Chief Priest does not have less than four tattoos, and the face of his late mother is prominent among his body art, on his right leg
  • He was born and raised a Christian and continues to practise the religion
  • Cubana Chief Priest  loves smoking, drinking, and prefers expensive wines to other types of drinks
  • He is married with two boys, Chukwuebuka and Obinna
  • Cubana Group has won many awards and has been featured in several magazines
  • The Cubana Group is co-owned by Cubana Chief Priest, Obi Cubana, and Cubana Primi Minister
  • The Origin of their wealth remains a mystery, but online sources say they are quondam Bitcoin dealers and the first people to engage in the trade in Africa

Cubana Chief Priest Net Worth

Cubana Chief Priest is a Nigerian entrepreneur, whose net worth — according to estimates — is $5 million. He is reported to earn more than $3 million as annual salary.

He was able to achieve this feat as a result of his successful career as an entrepreneur and show promoter.

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