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See What Naija Secondary School Girls Were Caught Doing

Updated Wednesday 16 December 2020 0:27
See What Naija Secondary School Girls Were Caught Doing
This generation exposures and orientations need to be checked before their future is ruined beyond repair.

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In those days, women and regarded as fragile vessels and were treated with great care and respect, but the story has changed nowadays, women no longer have shame, they live their lives the way they want it, and the society looks away.

But remember, any atrocities unchecked become norms, this ugly trend has been going on for long but the parents and guardians need to find the way in which their future will not be in futile.

Imagine what some group of secondary school students were caught doing their classroom, maybe after closing hour or during, who knows?

One of Nigeria’s Instagram influencer shared the video of some female secondary School students that were twerking and dancing seductively. From the video, some of these girls were removing their uniform trousers showing their p@nts while others unbuttoned their shirts revealing their inner wears, all-dancing to music.

Though the location of the school is suspected to be Yaounde Cameroon capital, this moral deficiency is worrisome!

see more photos:

However, this shameful acts has attracted reactions from internet users, some were of the opinion that the young ladies were just flexing while some were seen act of immorality.

Another funny thing is that the students recorded the act and shared it on social media.

This video is H0.t, and we are unable to post it here due to our policy.

What can you say about this?

Who’s to be blamed for decadence among our young ones?

Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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