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Man drinks "Ota Pia Pia" insecticide "poison" to stop a lady from leaving him

Updated Thursday 19 January 2023 17:20
Man drinks "Ota Pia Pia" insecticide "poison" to stop a lady from leaving him
A man in Abakpa Nike Enugu drank insecticide (Ota pia pia) because his girlfriend wanted to leave him. The man whose name was not disclosed came down from a tricycle (Keke Napep), pleading with his girlfriend to not leave him. He threatened her that he will drink the insecticide and die if she leaves, and the girl asked him to go on. 

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When the girl was leaving, he opened the bottle and drank the poison (ota pia pia insecticide). As he struggled for breadth, the girl rushed and started shouting "Poison! Help!" according to eye witnesses.

People came out to help. The man was given red oil and milk and other anti-poison potions. As soon as he vomitted, he was taken to the hospital.

The girl is said to be into businesses at 8 hours, Ogui Enugu and has had a good relationship with the man for years before the fallout. She followed him to the hospital.

What can you do for love? Kill yourself?

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