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Pastor kills himself hours after tweeting ‘Jesus doesn’t always cure suicidal thoughts’

Updated Thursday 12 September 2019 20:59
Pastor kills himself hours after tweeting ‘Jesus doesn’t always cure suicidal thoughts’
Popular Californian mental health advocate Jarrid Wilson took his own life on Monday night, a church official said.

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Jarrid died a day before World Suicide Prevention Day, which he had posted about on his Twitter feed.

His wife paid tribute to him on Instagram on Tuesday, where she shared the last video taken of him.

Juli said: “Can’t sleep, so I’m watching this video over and over again.

“I took this Monday evening around 7.30pm at our son’s baseball practice.

“By 11.45 that night, my sweet husband was in the presence of Jesus.

“I love you Jarrid. I miss you beyond what my heart can stand. Thank you for loving our boys and I with the greatest passion and selflessness I’ve ever seen or felt in my entire life.”

She added: "I love you forever, Thomas Jarrid Wilson, but I have to say that you being gone has completely ripped my heart out of my chest. You loved me and our boys relentlessly.

"Suicide doesn't get the last word. I won't let it."

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