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Top 10 Nigerian Newspapers to read online

Updated Saturday 29 May 2021 1:20
Top 10 Nigerian Newspapers to read online
This report first appeared on Masterweb Nigeria and is posted with permission here.

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Surely, we do not miss the days of reading paper-type or printed newspapers. No, we will never because they are all still here with us. The only thing that has changed is that the media houses, in an attempt to keep up with real-time reporting of news and events in Nigeria, have taken to the internet and social media to compete well with those on Television (TV broadcast) and Radio stations.

As a result of this, so many people now depend on the internet as their source to read newspapers in Nigeria, and it is free. The publishers also can make money through advertising, so it’s a win win for everyone. We therefore present you the list of top 10 newspapers in Nigeria that present news online too. You can bookmark this page and use it as your source to check 10 news websites in Nigeria every morning.

  1. VANGUARD: On our number 1 list is Vanguard newspaper. They are the king in reporting, both on paper and online. You can find them on their website:
  2. PUNCH: Punch newspaper sits on number 2 and is a good source of political news. Their website is
  3. SUN: Sun newspaper is so versatile in reporting. Click the link to visit their website
  4. THIS DAY LIVE: This Day Newspaper claims to be the chief in reporting live events in Nigeria. Check them out at
  5. NIGERIAN TRIBUNE: The Nigerian Tribune Newspaper can be found here They report general news, but politics is the main focus.
  6. THE GUARDIAN: The guardian Nigeria Newspaper reports like their UK counterparts. You can visit their website at
  7. DAILY TRUST: Daily Trust Newspaper is a source of all information in Nigeria. Unlike Business Day that focuses mostly on business, Daily Trust reports generally. You can check them on
  8. THE NATION: The Nation Newspaper reports generally. You can find their website here at
  9. LEADERSHIP: Leadership Newspaper is a source of professional reports. Find them on
  10. NATIONAL MIRROR: The National Mirror Newspaper claims to be very transparent in reporting. Find them here at
Please note that these newspapers exist in hardcopy and online. You can also check Sahara Reporters on for online news, for celebrity news  and for entertainment news about music, video and movies.

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