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See what a Secret Drone found this Hooker doing

Updated Thursday 11 January 2024 9:20
See what a Secret Drone found this Hooker doing
It is amazing and alarming how drones will invade our privacy, irrespective of what one might be doing. A suspected prostitute and her alleged 75 year old pensioner client have been hit with criminal charges after being filmed by a drone. The flying camera was operated by a vigilante anti-prostitution activist who recorded Douglas Blansett, 75 and Amanda Zolicoffer, 27, getting it on in the front of his truck, police claim.

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The pair are now facing public lewdness charges in connection with the incident earlier this year in Oklahoma City, US.

The drone is shown dropping to within a few feet of the vehicle so it is reflected in the windscreen.
It films Blansett astride Zolicoffer in the front seat of the white pickup truck.

The duo separated after Zolicoffer, who was identified by her tattoo saying "Baby Gangster", saw the drone hovering overhead.
The footage was filmed by Brian Bates, an Oklahoma “video vigilante” who makes it his business to name and shame prostitutes and their clients via his website.
Writing on his website, Bates said he had chosen the drone because his previous practise of "running up and opening car doors of people engaging in criminal acts" and then filming them was "pretty damn dangerous".

He said at least three people he has caught on camera were later convicted of committing murder and several of the women he had documented had themselves been murdered.
So instead of risking being hurt he decided "why not reduce the risk of personal injury and simply let a drone go in for the “You’re Busted Buddy” moment?".

In March, Bates followed Zolicoffer when she climbed into the truck of a suspected client and trailed it until it turned down a deserted road leading to a tire yard.

From an adjacent street, Bates then launched a drone and flew it above the parked Ford F-150. He then posted the footage on his YouTube page and showed it to police.
In probable cause affidavits , an Oklahoma City police officer reported receiving the drone video from Bates. 

The cop confirmed Bates’s account that “Zolicoffer’s pants were off and the driver appeared to be having sexual intercourse with Zolicoffer.”

Sergeant Ben Lacaze added :

“Once Zolicoffer and the driver saw the drone, they immediately ceased their activity and left the area.”
Oklahoma City cops last month arrested Zolicoffer and Blansett for public lewdness and released them on bail.
Both have pleaded not guilty to the charge and are free on $500 bond.

UK Mirror/FNC

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