Catfish sticks into the belly of a swimming tourist in Brazil

Updated Monday 11 January 2016 7:25
Catfish sticks into the belly of a swimming tourist in Brazil
This catfish was so annoying. A tourist in Brazil was swimming in the resort of Itanhaem in the state of Sao Paulo when she was "hit by a fish," as she joked. The serrated spine in its fin had to be taken out with microsurgery to avoid her flesh being ripped out. See more pictures and reactions.

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According to health workers, “We were alerted to an incident where an object had penetrated a swimmer’s stomach and when we got there, discovered it was a fish. She was in a lot of pain. We didn’t remove the spine because only a doctor can do this. We took her to hospital so she could have microsurgery. Generally we deal with people who have stood on fish or have cut a finger touching one, but I’ve never seen a catfish stuck to someone’s stomach. It was definitely a first.”

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