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Busted! The lady with three boobs lied...the boobs are fake!

Updated Monday 20 November 2023 21:20
Busted! The lady with three boobs lied...the boobs are fake!

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Remember the lady who said she got a third boob implant to scare men away? (read here) Well, she lied. The boobs are fake - a 3 breast prosthesis. TMZ just exposed her. In today's world, some people will do almost anything to be famous. See the TMZ reports below...
The woman claiming to have 3 boobs is a fraud, a fake ... and ironically what exposed her lie is a crime someone committed against her.Jasmine Tridevil has been making the rounds, claiming she got plastic surgery to net her an additional boob.  But we got a document from the Tampa International Airport Police Dept. describing a baggage theft. According to the doc ... someone stole a bunch of luggage off an American Airlines conveyor belt, including a black nylon roller bag.Cops caught the thieves after IDing them with surveillance video.   The black bag belonged to Tridevel, but before she got it back it was inventoried by police as part of the case against the crooks.Guess what was inside the bag?  "A 3 breast prosthesis." BTW ... she told cops the prosthesis was valued at $5K.The boobs are perfect, but she's a little crooked.

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