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BREAKING NEWS: Explosion Kills 3 In Imo State - See Photos

Updated Thursday 6 June 2019 21:11
BREAKING NEWS: Explosion Kills 3 In Imo State - See Photos
Today been 6th June, there was an unknown Explosion in Eziorsu, Oguta Local Government area Imo State.

These took the life of three young boys of age 14 -16years.

“Of which one of these boys just completed his senior Waec”

It was gathered that these boys were pannel beating the scrabs which was bought by the Scrab dealer. Unknowingly to this boys there was an explosive object in the particle they were compressing on compressing, It exploded Killing two instantly and of which one was rushed to the hospital but couldn’t survive it so he gave up. Upon this incidence the owner of the Scrab Center was called upon not knowing what has happened came around on coming around one of the deceased family seeked for a weapon closed to him to used it on the dealer on seeing this he took to his heels.

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