6-Year-Old Youtube Star Buys Herself A Property Worth $8m

Updated Tuesday 30 July 2019 6:30
6-Year-Old Youtube Star Buys Herself A Property Worth $8m
A 6-year-old South Korean YouTube star named Boram, with over 30 million subscribers, just got her self a 5-Storey Property worth 9.5 billion Korean won ($8 Million).

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The $8 Million landed property is located at Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam, South Korea.

The 6 Years old Boram runs 2 Popular YouTube Channels which are “Boram Tube ToysReview” and Boram Tube Vlog. She posts Toy Reviews on Boram Tube ToysReview and has 13.6 million subscribers as at today, while her second Channel Boram Tube Vlog currently has 17.6 million subscribers.

Boram’s Monthly sales are around 3.7 billion won (£2.5 million).

The $8 Million property purchase was revealed by a Public Real Estate Registration Document, and according to the document the property was purchased on April 3.

One of Boram’s Youtube video showing her cooking and eating noodles with her friends has over 376 million views.

Some of Boram’s video has sometimes stirred up controversies and outrage, as people do ask the value her videos pass off. One of her videos which showed her stealing money from her dad’s wallet and driving cars on the road got a complaint from a non-governmental organization ‘Save the Children’ in 2017.

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