Boko Haram got stronger after Buhari took over

Updated Friday 10 July 2015 8:10
Boko Haram got stronger after Buhari took over
The deputy senate president of Nigeria, Ike Ekweremadu says insurgency has worsened since the inauguration of the present administration. He was hoping that Buhari's task would be to rebuild the North East, since Jonathan was almost crushing Boko Haram when his tenure expired. But the reverse is the case and Boko Haram are looking stronger and penetrating other states in the North.

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"I am worried about the insurgence of the Boko Haram activities in Nigeria.  Shortly before the inauguration of the present government, the country had almost rolled back Boko Haram and its activities in every part of Nigeria, from Adamawa to Borno to Yobe. I was hoping that when we come back in the 8th Assembly, that I will work with our colleagues from the North-East to develop a plan of action that will help to rehabilitate that part of Nigeria. I feel so concerned about the suffering of our people from the North-East of Nigeria. I had hoped that by now we would be tasking ourselves on how best to rebuild that part of Nigeria. Regrettably the actions of Boko Haram seems to have resurfaced now not only in Borno, they have carried out their activities also in Plateau, they have gone to Adamawa, Kaduna. I am worried that if nothing is done, the next target would be Abuja. Maybe they start going to South. It is important for us as those in government, whether Executive or Legislature, to come together to find solutions to these problems.”

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